Who am I?

Passionate about crafts and the transformation of the material since I was a child, I have always loved unique, authentic and handmade objects.

For more than 20 years I have been working for pleasure metal, wood, stone, plants, earth-based coatings, concrete...

The glass, magical and mysterious, arrived later, during an initiation to the creation of glass beads and this was THE revelation! I discovered a fascinating material, by turns hard and cold to the touch then fluid, moving and untouchable under the action of the flame. A radiant material, transparent or opaque and that allows an infinite play with light.

Fascinated by the creative possibilities of the technique of glass to flame I received extensive training at "The Age of Glass" (91) and perfected myself with internationally renowned pearls.

LUCAZE was born in 2017 after several years of personal work, research and deepening.

I live in peace in Brittany, between sea and countryside, and find my inspiration in nature and the beautiful landscapes that surround me. I want to convey this feeling of escape and this part of dream in each of my creations.


I am a member of the'Association of The Perliers of Art of France.