In order to minimize the risk of allergy I select high quality primers: surgical quality stainless steel, Gold filled 14 carats and natural materials: cotton, wood, cork, leather, rubber...

Focus on stainless steel:

Slightly darker, with a "harder" appearance, and a little less shiny than silver, stainless steel has many advantages: non-corrosive it does not tarnish, yellow, do not blacken in time in the face of daily aggressions (water, seawater, household products, cosmetics, perspiration ...) it is very resistant and requires almost no maintenance. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly because it does not release nickel into the environment.

Focus on the Gold filled:

The Gold filled is a 14-karat gold finish applied to a brass base. It has the same properties and appearance as solid gold. Because of its manufacturing process it contains 50 to 100 times more gold than a gold-plated metal. It is therefore much more durable and resistant than the latter. Under normal conditions of use a jewel in Gold filled will remain intact for a lifetime.

Maintenance tips:

For stainless steel: no maintenance.

For the Gold filled and other materials:

- don't wet your jewel

- avoid contact with perfumes, oils, creams, lotions ...

- store the jewel in its case in a dry and temperate place.

Under normal operating conditions, all Lucaze jewellery is guaranteed 10 years