The technique

The technique of spun glass is to melt the end of the glass rod in the torch flame.

Le chalumeau

Once molten, the glass gets a fluid consistency that looks like honey. It is then wrapped on a metal rod called a mandrel. The flameworker have to turn regularly the mandrel to obtain a regular shape.

les mandrins

The bead obtained is then shaped so as to obtain the desired shape and then decorated. There are many possibilities of decorations : dots, stringers, bubbles, sheets of metal, enamel ... and many possibilities of shapes too. The flameworker makes solid beads, but it can also make hollow beads and even blown beads (which are lighter).

The creative possibilities are infinite.

verre en fusionPerle en fusion

Working in the flame of the torch causes tensions inside the glass and makes it very breakable. In order to stem this phenomenon, the beads are annealed in a special oven and then cooled very slowly. The glass then becomes very solid.

Four de recuisson